• Veterans

    Kate is a strong advocate for veterans and as the wife of a veteran, Kate understands the issues affecting military families 502 Bad Gateway

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  • Economic Development

    Kate will work to support small businesses and make sure the city is igniting growth through crucial infrastructure investments that businesses crave.

  • Education

    Kate understands that a strong education system is the foundation of our community. Kate will fight to provide teachers with the resources they need and students with the opportunity to learn in an engaging and safe environment that they deserve.

  • Public Safety

    Through neighborhood interaction, development of police resources and public engagement, Kate will provide the support and fight for the crucial public safety resources we deserve.

  • Expanding Transportation

    Transportation has the power to bring in more economic development, lower unemployment, improve home prices, and speed up travel so that people can spend more time with their families.

Kate Gallego Phoenix City Council District 8

The first word I think of when I hear Phoenix is home. But right now a close second is “crossroads.” Our city has big decisions to make right now and we need thoughtful, experienced leaders to make them. We must make the necessary investments in public safety, education, and infrastructure that allow local businesses to grow and our community thrive. As we grow, we need to ensure District 8 finally receives its fair share of resources, from police to transportation investments.

To get the resources we deserve, District 8 needs an experienced financial planner; someone who knows not just what we need but has the city planning savvy, budget management skills and entrepreneurial spirit to fight for it. I have deep roots in city planning. I was the longest serving chair of Phoenix’s Environmental Committee, co-chair of PlanPhx, helping to develop Phoenix’s ten-year plan, member of the Central City Village Planning Committee, as well as many others. Additionally, I’m the only candidate in the race with a business background. I’ve worked to develop private-public partnerships for city projects, and I am an economic development professional, helping to bring green investment dollars to Phoenix.

I’m running because I want to help the city I love become a safer, more sustainable and more prosperous community that we are all proud to call home.

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Kate Gallego for Phoenix City Council